Composite Poles Australia

Composite Poles Australia is a trading name of Penguin Composites and the plant is located at 808 South Rd, Penguin.

Strong Materials

Composite Poles are lightweight, strong, resist corrosion, are impervious to insect attack and have a useful life far in excess of that of Wooden Poles. Fiberglass reinforced composite poles never rot, rust, corrode, splinter, or decay and Insects and wildlife won’t eat them. The Tuff-pole transmission and distribution pole will maintain its original strength throughout its long life.

Cost Effective

Wood, steel and concrete power poles are part of the already ageing electrical infrastructure. High commodity prices, increased difficulty of finding suitably sized logs, environmental and insect impacts on existing infrastructure, make Composite Poles a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

Polecrete™ Mounting Foam Technology

Tamping, tipping, and concrete mixing are a thing of the past. Polecrete™ lets you set poles quickly, permanently, and inexpensively in virtually any soil, and in almost any weather, without pouring concrete. Advanced-formula Polecrete™ puts the squeeze on the surrounding soil to set poles fast, easy, and inexpensively without time consuming soil tamping and without pouring concrete or waiting for it to cure.